Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our Vision is an expression of the desire on the part of  our Board, Management and Staff to attain our mandate and it is stated as follows;
“To be a Centre of Excellence in Training and providing Communication and Media professional Standards and Ethics in Zambia and the region”
This Vision is a true encapsulation of the essence of our work.


In pursuing the above vision, ZAMCOM is guided by the Mission Statement which states as follows:
“To provide quality training in Communication, Media Training, Ethical standards and Broadcasting production services nationally and in the region in order to stimulate technological, cultural, social and economic development while generating commercial value and attaining financial viability for the organisation”.
This Mission is delivered from the Statutory Mandate as stipulated in the ZAMCOM ACT Chapter 164 of the Laws of Zambia Act No. 9 of 1996 which defines the functions to be performed under delegated authority.
ZAMCOM is highly rated by Technical Educational, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA), signifying a high quality of training service and management.
Enjoying over 30 years of invaluable experience in training in both print and electronic media, The Institution continues to be a prestigious leader in high quality Journalism and Public Relations training in Zambia.

Goal Statement

Our main goal is;
To deliver optimum training and standards in media communication, development, productions and provide hospitality services in a liberalized environment, whilst generating commercial value and attain financial sustainability.

Our Core Values

Core values are our fundamental beliefs as an organisation and are our guiding principles that dictate behaviour and action that creates an unwavering and unchanging guide and these include;

  1. Innovation & Creativity – We unleashes and unharnesses individual’s inventiveness and resourceful minds regardless of status in achieving our objectives.

  3. Integrity – We demand the highest ethical standards in our dealings with all our stakeholders and the public at large.

  5. Professionalism – The Institution carries out business professionally, always using best practice as its guide.

  7. Transparency & Accountability – We always strive to be a diligent media trainer and capacity building as entrusted by the law.

  9. Diversity & Inclusiveness – We cultivate a working environment that encourages staff to aspire for excellence and to identify and exploit initiatives for personal advancement that lead to good corporate citizenship and always working in the best interest of the nation.

  11. Respect – We work as a team and balances staff and business needs whilst promoting pleasant attitude and corporation among workers.


Download our 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan here